Thoughts from the Asylum, 3


10-12-016                                                                                                                            3.

Thoughts from the Asylum.

The voices in my head are louder. More defined. I can still feel my mind slipping. Slipping with every full stop, with uncompleted word, every skipped heartbeat. With every tear, with every day. I can feel the songs I constantly listen to mock me. Taunt me. I guess the problem is I have been left alone. I have been left to my own madness. I have been shunned from the presence of humanity and civilization. But then the reason I feel lost and crippled within my soul is I still want to want to grasp unto hope of me not to be alone FOREVER. But I can’t. To have your hope  handing onto your soul and sanity pried from your hands, from your grasp, could that be my fault? Or am I to blame to blame, the universe? My God? I don’t know. I don’t know. And the fact that I do not have someone to tell me unless I change or pay them, that’s what my voices are screaming.


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