I look at the streets and wonder if I was ever as insignificant to the occupied self-involved people around me as the people on the streets-now.

I wonder why the well-dressed man adjusts his belt and trousers.

I wonder why the fair lady packs her in two pigtails.

I wonder why the tall haired boy stands in front of the ATM looking to the road.

I wonder why the woman in the car frowns.

And why the boys in the car look vaguely familiar.

I wonder why the fair woman shaved hair.

Maybe, possibly, probably

I’m missing

I’m ignoring

The significants with all their conversations that I cannot take part of because,

maybe, possibly, probably

I’m searching

I’m looking

For the me in the insignificants, for the all of us in the insignificants.


About a bus ride on my second day at my new school.

Thanks for reading.

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