Thoughts from the Asylum, 1

Thoughts from the Asylum is a series of short writings in prose type form from when I was stuck inside my head alone. Mostly around my great depression. There are 11 but 10 officially, there are two 8’s.

02-12-016                                                                                                                                                1.

Thoughts from the Asylum.

And in those days, all my mind would be occupied with would be thoughts, thoughts that don’t belong to me. Never did and never will. Those thoughts would be processed into will and I will lose my mind. My mind will no longer belong to me. I will finally lose it.

And I guess, that is how the mad people on the streets, the crazy people in psychiatric hospitals and those with frequent visits to therapists, I guess that is how they lose their minds. When their minds are filled with thoughts that should never had been theirs.

Or that is how the truly possessed are created. The demon should flood their mind and take it away from them and toy with it.



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