How Milennials were created by Generation X

Note: By Millenials I don’t mean the actual living, breathing millennials. I mean the term and all the attributes associated with it.

So, recently, I have found myself, unconsciously and slightly consciously, doing some relatively immature things. Like picking fights, unnecessary fights, being unnecessarily defensive, etcetera.

Since I was little, I’ve always been called ‘mature for my age’ and to be honest its really a heavy crown with the sword hanging above my head and all. Missing out on all the fun that other children had because I had to be ‘mature’, having to do the right thing all the time, wearing old people clothes.

The thing is being mature was cool then, parents comparing their children to you (Yes, I was that girl), hanging out with the grownups and whatnot.

So, it had its ups and downs like every other thing. And it’s not like all the other children hated me or bullied me or anything, I was a cool kid.

Now, recently, I have been repeatedly called a child, not just a child, a baby. And I have found myself doing some really immature things.


Millenials(also known as Generation Y, Echo Boomers) are children, well young adults now, who would have been born between the 1980’s to early 2000’s.

In the media, they are the ones characterized by having a sense of entitlement, narcissicm, refusing to grow up.

Generation X isn’t exactly defined but you can say that they are the grandparents of children born from 2005 downwards, so basically the parents of Millenials although they are quite old now. They’re the ones that had the hard life, or claim they had the hard life, alongside their own parents. They had to grow up and fend for themselves and become real men and women at a young age and all that jazz.

This generation also has the tendency to cling to their children i.e millenials possibly unconsciously; Let me give you a for instance,

A girl, let’s say her name is Emily, has been the only child of her parents for a long time and it’s her eighteenth birthday today. She’s moving out tomorrow. Her parents feel she’s old enough even though she knows absolutely nothing about living alone because she was never allowed to do anything at home. Oh, and they’re not giving her money except her college tuition and first month’s rent and groceries. She’s old enough to fend for herself.

One very noticeable thing is that parents waks up and automatically want their children to grow up. It doesn’t work like that. I f you treat a butterfly like the caterpillar it once was, it’s going to keep crawling until it is made aware of its ability to fly.

So, moving on

Talk about moving; Reason for moving back, asking for money (possibly dropping out of college) = Clingy, Unreasonable, Absurd parents.

2: This generation also has the tendency to limit and try to control their children i.e millennials. Everything has to go by their rules, at that time, anywhere all the time no matter what.

Parents, Generation X, need to realize that they cannot control their children because they are biologically and naturally beyond their control. The children did not come from them but through them. The children are the arrow that should fly just as high, far and free as the bird. The parents are the bow, stable. Because, Once, they were the arrow(I think). This was from a cartoon.

This normally results in wanting to start college a year later. Being a freelance DJ as a job (not that there’s something wrong but still, freelance DJ-ing alone might not pay the bills). Running away. Dating bad, wrong people just to express youthful exuberance. Just a lot of bad decisions and missed opportunities because when they were supposed to be bad with the consequences occasionally low they were not allowed.

Have you heard of reverse psychology? We invented that. I wonder why <Read Above>

Reason for Rebelliousness = Confinement by Parents.

Basically, Millenials and all the odd characteristics and that come with the name can not and were not generated from the Millennials themselves. Even the name wasn’t their idea.

Millennials are beings that found themselves in a more than broken by world, broken by the people who were in the world before them. The world limited them and instead of conforming to the idea decided to break free which was seen by those that were in the world before them as wrong. But who is to say what is wrong and what’s right? Who is to say what is reality and what is a dream?

So being childish or immature isn’t my fault considering the fact that this my time, my only time to be immature without grave consequences.

So wear your millenniality with pride. We are the ones trying to fix the world and because of that alongside all the other elements we’re the most broken ones. But we’ll pull through because we can.

Comment your thoughts on millenniality.

Thanks for reading.





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