DIY: Love Yourself

By Kelly Bastow

Tips on Self Love

  1. Love Yourself for who you are, not for how you look. You have to learn that you can’t wait for someone to come and love you. Love starts with you. That bag or shoe you have to buy or that 10 pounds you’re willing to lose won’t make someone else love you if you can’t love yourself. Basically you should just listen to Justin Beibs one of these days. And sometimes, you have to admit that you look pretty great too.
  2. Don’t Chase People to prove that you matter. You have to realize that you matter by yourself. Even if someone should tell you, scream at you, write it on a billboard that you matter; you have to realize that by yourself if not, bits of doubt will still be lurking around. And, on a totally unrelated note, you matter.
  3. You Have To Be Odd to be number one. And by odd I mean different. In this world, at this time, it’s hard to be different as all the things that were once considered weird and strange are now the norm. But being different doesn’t necessarily mean having to create unique-ity from scratch. Just take something you like or that represents you and make it unapologetically your own. Following the crowd doesn’t get you noticed. Majority vote isn’t always right. ‘If you can’t beat them then join them’ is never the solution.
  4. Someday You Should Look At You Like You Are The Best Thing In The World because you are.
  5. Jealousy Is Unnecessary But Necessary in some cases. Jealousy is another way our insecurities try to point our beautiful imperfections and shortcomings. Jealousy is like anger, very addictive and consuming. We get jealous because we notice what we want or lack but we fail to see what got people there or even that we can get there ourselves. Jealousy is necessary when it helps us to push ourselves to heights (which is not jealousy anymore but motivation)
  6. Sometimes You Just Need To Disconnect and enjoy your own company. Enjoying your own company makes you realize that you are an awesome person and you don’t need people to tell you that. You can talk to yourself out loud, dance your crazy out to blasting music, whatever.
  7. Work On Issues For Yourself never for anyone else. If you have a particular issue you want to work on because it will make you feel better not about yourself but better, health wise you should fix it. Do not do something because you feel like you should because that’s what someone said. If you feel like you want to do something but you’re not doing it for yourself, about physical appearances, drop it. It’s not worth it.
  8. Love Harder Than Any Pain You’ve Ever Felt because love always eclipses pain because love is higher. And better. And easier if you let it be.
  9. Not Everyone Has To Like You because that is impossible. They will always be people who don’t like you just because no matter how awesome you are so, don’t change for anyone or let yourself be used by anyone. The right people will like you just because (or because of your eyes) too. And, you have to learn to be at peace with that.
  10. You have to understand that you are enough, in fact too good for this world but since this is what we’ve been given, make the best out of it. Change what you can and accept what you can’t. Be at complete peace with yourself where absolutely no one can mess with you. Allow no one to control you. Choose what school of thought you believe. Feel free and special. Don’t let anyone take what is rightfully yours like your freedom or life. Radiate confidence.


And if you can’t do all this or it takes a lot of time; strive, struggle and pull through. Or at least fake it til’ you make it.

Comments are very much appreciated.

Thanks for reading.





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